The AI-Powered Voice Recorder for Effective Communication


“Say what I mean, not what I say”

Ever found yourself struggling to articulate your thoughts in an email, presentation, or conversation? Clearspeak is here to help you communicate more effectively and effortlessly.

Simple to Use

  • One-Tap Recording: No clutter, no fuss. Just a big, round "Record" button.
  • Speak Freely: Just talk as you normally would, without worrying about structure or clarity.

AI-Powered Summaries

  • Instant Summaries: As soon as you're done speaking, Clearspeak's advanced AI algorithms summarize your words into clear, concise text.
  • Clipboard Ready: Your summary is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted into an email, message, or document.


Privacy Policy

The Clearspeak app does not collect any personal information by itself.
The app uses OpenAI and it’s Whisper speech-to-text function, which processes sound clips that the user uploads. See their data collection here.
The app uses Mixpanel, which collects some non-personal usage data. See their data collection here.
The app is built with Expo, which in turn collects some usage data. See their data collection here. Expo also uses Segment Analytics, read more here.