An app & AI development lab in Stockholm 🇸🇪

An app & AI lab

I’m Tom Söderlund, and Tomorroworld is my app & AI lab.

Tom Söderlund

With talented developers and designers, Tomorroworld builds prototypes, products, and companies for new apps, AI services and games.


We offer consulting, primarily in product development, tech leadership, UX, and digital marketing, but generally in everything required in building a new product or company.

  • Tech: apps and AI, web and mobile, frontend and backend. Focusing on React/Next.js for web, and React Native for iOS/Android apps. With our own templates, we can build MVP’s in just a day or two.
  • Design/UX: wireframes and prototypes in Figma.
  • Product development: idea and business plan development (see our own guide tool).
  • Tech leadership: lead a development team. Recruit (on-site or outsourced) and manage developers and designers.
  • Marketing: setting up KPI’s and funnels, tracking with Google Analytics or Mixpanel. Experience of SEO/SEM and ASO (app store optimization).

Collaboration & Investments

Do you have an interesting idea with a strong business case? Maybe we can build it together! Tomorroworld also does early stage investments. Get in touch.


Tomorroworld is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Get in touch with CEO Tom Söderlund:

Selected assignments

Selected projects

Icon for Glamanic


“TikTok for beauty” (iPhone/Android app in React Native)
Screenshot of Glamanic
Icon for Clearspeak


The AI-Powered Voice Recorder for Effective Communication
Screenshot of Clearspeak
Icon for Multi-Player.Games


The definitive source of multiplayer and co-op games.
Screenshot of Multi-Player.Games
Icon for Linkd


Share great content, with *your* branding
Screenshot of Linkd
Icon for Hot Intro

Hot Intro

Tailor your pitch to their needs (using AI)
Screenshot of Hot Intro
Icon for Hidden Patterns

Hidden Patterns

A mobile game – Can you see the patterns hidden in the symbols?
Screenshot of Hidden Patterns

More projects